Run & Fetch Girl

I wanted to challenge myself by writing a short story that was no more than 100 words in length.  This was written in May 2005.  Here’s the result of that challenge . . . .

Run & Fetch Girl

by Mary Warner

It started simply enough.  A request.

“Could you please run and fetch me some coffee, girl?”

He’s busy, so, “No problem,” and off she trots.  Returns, coffee in hand.

“Say, girl, grab me a sweet roll.”  As an afterthought, “Please,” saunters out.

Girl grabs a sweet roll.

A hundred odd times ‘til she’s known as Run & Fetch Girl.  She runs and fetches for everyone.

They ask, always pleasant enough.

She runs.

She fetches.

Why is no one else running and fetching?  Do they think she has nothing better to do?

“Say, girl . . . .”

“Get it yourself!”

2 thoughts on “Run & Fetch Girl”

  1. Hee hee! I like the ending. I also has a nice rhythm to it and a slightly lyrical quality with the repetions of “run” and “fetch”. Its almost like a poem.

  2. woowooteacup said:

    Now that you say it, Joanne, it does feel a little like a poem. With only 100 words to play with, I had to be efficient with my word usage, something that poets strive to do. Glad you enjoyed the ending.

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