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8 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Danene Provencher said:

    Mary, thanks for the great write up on the Pentel for Governor campaign. If possible, since we now have the new website up with Erin’s picture on it, please replace your website link to the new one.

    thanks for your support,

    Danene Provencher
    Co-Campaign Manager
    Ken Pentel for Governor 2010

  2. Hi, Danene – I wrote an update to the post and relinked the web link at the bottom of the link list.


  3. I have been to your website and would like to help others find you.

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  4. Hi, Mary!
    I came upon your blog while researching the author of a book our library just aquired: “The Legend of Hole-In-the-Day.” Very interesting brochure/book!
    I’m glad my investigations led me to your blog because now I know who you are! Really enjoy your blog AND book/brochure. Now, on to investigate your “Greenville” book(s)! Keep up the good work and have a nice summer!
    ~Kathryn Rudd
    Acquisitions Specialist
    NCC Library

  5. Good grief, Mary!
    I just discovered that we have purchased *2 more books* you have written!
    ” A Big-hearted Paleface Man” and “Little Falls on the Big River”!
    These also look like terrific books.

  6. Hi, Kathryn – I’m glad you found my blog and enjoyed “The Legend of Hole in the Day.” I had fun researching that long-form article. There is so much history to cover in Morrison County that we’ve long wanted to present it piece-by-piece is small books like the Hole in the Day one.

    As it turns out, your library purchased all the books at once and I packaged them up and sent them. I co-authored “Little Falls on the Big River” with my co-workers. It was originally written as a local history curriculum for the Little Falls school district.

    I like to say that I co-wrote “A Big Hearted Paleface Man” with a guy who’s been dead since 1908. That gets people’s attention! A big chunk of the book is a reprinting of Nathan Richardson’s first two histories of Morrison County, plus his inaugural addresses as mayor of Little Falls. He was a spicy writer, so they are fun to read. He was so active in the county that it took me three years of research and writing to put together a proper biography on him, which also appears in the book.

    Happy reading!

  7. joshua cornel said:

    I have a teapot that is of the same brand as your green cabbage leaf one…would h mind giving me an appraisal… please…

  8. Hi, Joshua – I’m not a certified appraiser, so I can’t actually give you an appraisal. When we want to figure out a sale price for an item, we do research online to find what people are asking for the same item. Ideally, we want an exact match on an item, but sometimes there isn’t an exact one available. In that case, we look for something that is as close as possible. Look for a maker’s mark and do an online search for other items within the maker’s line.

    If you’d like information on how to find a certified appraiser, check out this page on my workplace’s website:

    Mz. Woo

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