FtTP – What a hieroglyphic!  It actually stands for Frankensteining the Talent Pool, a little game I started on my Filter & Splice blog.  I like to imagine unlikely talented people working together.  Why?  Who knows.  It’s just something I do.  Here are some possibilities, carried over from Filter & Splice.  You can head over there and do a blog search on Frankensteining the Talent Pool in order to see the commentary on these combinations.  If you have any of your own FtTP suggestions, feel free to leave them here.

Moby + Blue Man Group  (already been done)

Stephen Colbert + Gil Grissom (suggestion from reader)

k.d. lang + K.T. Tunstall

Say Goodbye (by Dave Matthews Band) + Very (by Moby)

Canadian Healthcare + U. S. Healthcare (suggestion from brother)

Steffan Lessard + Steve Vai

Beck + Sonic Youth

Kari Byron + Damien Hirst (suggestion from brother)

OK Go + Savion Glover (suggestion from brother)

Dave Matthews Band + Tainted Love

Joss Stone + Corinne Bailey Rae

Michael Buble + Brian Setzer + Christina Aguilera + Gwen Stefani + Rod Stewart

Blue Man Group + Dave Matthews (found on YouTube – great combo!)

Feist + Mika (suggestion from reader)

Cesar Millan + John Edward (Keeping ghosts in a calm, submissive state)

5 thoughts on “FtTP”

  1. How about an unlikely that just happened.. Robert Plant + Alison Krauss


    still trying to figure this one out.

  2. woowooteacup said:

    I saw this, WC, and loved it. Plant and Krauss make a great duo.

  3. Not much of a music geek – so don’t know much of the ‘bizarre’ behind the music ones — but loved the Cesar and John combo — I can see their Special in my mind – “Ghosts on Prozac!” Sometimes I wish ghosts could be ‘tranquilized’ — although most of those I have had visit usually bring me a quiet message, a puzzle which can be irritating. Some folks I know have far more agressive spirits. Will have to come back to read more. My blog is mostly about children’s books with an occasional personal rant. Love your title – by-the-way!

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