Welcome to my blog – The Woo Woo Teacup Journal.

When I decided to start a new blog, I wanted a new name. (My old blog is over at Blogger. It’s Filter & Splice and represents over a year’s worth of work. I’m quite fond of it and won’t delete it. Google will have to wrest it out of my cold, dead hands, although, Google being Google, the company can zap it any time it wants and there isn’t thing one I can do about it. Except that I’ve made a paper copy for my personal archives, so there.)

The aside aside, I wanted a new name that said something about me. I enjoy writing with elements of the mysterious forces of life, be they scientific explanations or emotional explanations for the unexplained. Life is about mystery and I think Life likes it that way. Just as we solve one dilemma scientifically, another slithers out from the atomic ooze and we’re puzzling away at it. I like to call mysteries that present themselves to us and make us shiver the “woo woo” experiences of life. Thus, the Woo Woo part of the name.

The Teacup part was a happy accident. While trying to come up with a name, I happened to clean my glass cabinet containing various personal tchotchkes. Inside the cabinet are four decorative teacups that were handed down to me by my mother’s side of the family. They have various floral designs, which I love, and I’m a tea-drinker (don’t touch coffee), so they have a great deal of meaning for me. Thus, the Teacup part of the name.

The word Journal seemed to cap the whole thing off nicely, plus, I’m a writer, so it’s fitting.

The other thing I like about the new title is that there are lots of round letters in it. As an artist, I produce whimsical, curvilinear pieces – swirls and circles being more attractive to me than geometrics. Not that I don’t like geometrics, it’s just that this isn’t what comes out of my soul when I create. I can’t really explain it. It just is.

Dear me, I haven’t properly introduced myself! Not so much as a handshake and I launch right into my philosophy of life practically. My name is Mary Warner and I live in Minnesota. I have a darling and loving family, which consists of a wonderful husband, three brilliant and charming children and three furry children, who we tend to refer to as cats, but have observed they are every bit as individual as our human children. (One, Miss Stinky, has just come to sit on my keyboard, which is her favorite place to pester me.)

I am a writer and an artist and a Museum Manager*, so that makes me a historian, too. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in weaving and enjoy all sorts of fiber arts (sewing, knitting, crocheting, weaving, beading, etc.), as well as drawing. Through my work, I’ve co-written one book with my co-workers and written another with a guy who’s been dead since 1908. I’ve written many essays, of both a personal and a historical nature, and had a couple of articles published in a museum-related magazine. I’m currently working on a book that is a series of linked short stories, which I call the Greenville series. When it’s finished, you’ll be the first to know. [May 10, 2009: “Greenville: Where Longing Meets Loss” is finished and available through my Cafe Press store. Link in the sidebar.]

I have a variety of other interests, but one of the most dear to my heart is music – even though I’m not a musician. (Major bummer, believe me.) I listen to a lot of different kinds of music, but am not an aficionado and can’t tell you the technical aspects of a piece. I listen to what I like and have a tendency to listen ad nauseum in finitum. My current obsession, in case you don’t already know from reading Filter & Splice, is the Dave Matthews Band. [May 10, 2009: Since writing this, I’ve also added Nine Inch Nails to my list of musical interests.]

Is this enough for an About page? I hope so.

Please feel free to visit often and leave comments. Having a blog makes me very conscious of you, my readers, and while this may get a little personal at times, I hope that what I say will connect with you on a broader level.

Take care,

Mary Warner

[*Addendum: October 29, 2009 – The views expressed on the Woo Woo Teacup Journal are mine alone, not those of my employer, the Morrison County Historical Society. I take full and sole responsibility for what I’ve written here. I’ll even take credit for my work, if you insist.  🙂 ]

[*Addendum: December 10, 2009 – According to the FTC’s Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising (all 81 pages of it), bloggers need to disclose whether they have received anything (money, products, etc.) for endorsing specific products. Because I periodically discuss various consumer products and books on the Woo Woo Teacup Journal, I thought I’d address this right here, right now so the FTC doesn’t get its undies in a bunch. I have never received remuneration (money, products, etc.) for the products and books I talk about here. If ever, in some distant future far, far away, I do receive remuneration for discussing a particular product, I’ll let you know. As I am really crappy at monetizing anything (unlike this dude), I can’t actually picture that happening. You never know, though. Maybe one day hippos will fly to the ruby-filled basket at the foot of the Giant Peruvian Flute Hat Tree.]

23 thoughts on “About”

  1. I see your interested in writing. How about creativity? I have a blog which explores creativity, creative courage and creative originality. I welcome you to comment on some of the topics or visit.
    Merry Christmas,

  2. woowooteacup said:

    I am definitely interested in creativity and the creative process. I am both an artist and a writer and find that the creative process is similar for both mediums. I’ll stop by and check out your site. Thanks for the invite. And Merry Christmas to you, too.

  3. Your blog is very creative and your picture is especially cool. I envy you because of your job at a museum. I listened to someone else instead of my heart when I started out and ended up headed down the scientific/medical trail with no way out. So in my spare time I write books and publish them myself for the sheer joy of writing and self-expression. They are mostly Southern fiction ala Nicholas Sparks but with good endings. I am also a musician but my son is a better one. Check out his tunes at http://www.jeffcrawfordmusic.com and click on songs and listen for free. Happy New Year and keep the creative spark burning brightly.

  4. woowooteacup said:

    Thanks for your wonderful comments, WC, especially the one about my picture. I don’t generally look very good in my pictures, mostly because I have a habit of blinking when the shutter clicks. The sunglasses helped, plus my hubby was taking the shot and it’s easy to strike a natural pose for him. What you don’t see in the picture is the giant metal frog I’m sitting next to. This picture was taken at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens when we visited this past September.

    That was quite the tangent I just went off on. Okay, I’m bringing it back around . . . . You know, WC, my husband was in a job he thought he could never get out of. It made him understand what women in abusive relationships go through. I kept telling him, “You’re only stuck if you think you’re stuck.” Finally, I got firm with him and told him he had to quit. Thankfully, he listened and now he’s back in school studying sociology and religion.

    You seem to be finding a way to get unstuck by writing in your spare time. That’s a good thing. It can be difficult to leave certain situations suddenly. Ya gotta eat, right? But working at your passion on the side can eventually lead to a better path. It’s never to late to listen to your heart. Good luck to you and may your New Year bring better things. 🙂

  5. Very nice blog woowooteacup! I’m new to all this blogging, but it’s great to read that there are many people that think as I do!

    Keep blogging, cos I’ll keep reading. Thanks

  6. woowooteacup said:

    Thanks for the compliment, witchy! The internet is great for bringing like minds together, isn’t it? Good luck on your blogging.

  7. Very nice to meet you Mary.

  8. woowooteacup said:

    Nice to meet you too, tsuro.

  9. Mary, that comment by Cindy was precisely why I like to post a comment from time to time, just so the blogger knows I’m reading and not stalking! Like Ms. witchy, I’m sort of feeling out blog etiquette as I go.

    L is for Lane, and K is just my intial; it was the quickest blog title I could come up with.

    don’t stop writing!

  10. woowooteacup said:

    Thanks, Lane! I like to leave comments for the same reason – so that bloggers know they’re not throwing their words into the wind, never to be heard by anyone. Dreadfully lonely feeling, that.

    You don’t have to worry about me stopping my writing. It’s in my blood, so it’s not going to happen until I become a cold, dead corpse if I have anything to say about it.

  11. Very nice blog, Mary! And I’m not sure if it was automatically generated or not, but I appreciate the link to my blog, Random Thoughts and Photos, listed under your latest post as “possibly related”.
    I would love it if you would visit my blog sometime and leave some comments, and possibly subscribe if you’d like! ( I subscribed to yours!)

  12. woowooteacup said:

    Thanks, Denny. See? I’ve already been over to your website & blog and discovered your name. Any time someone new leaves a comment on my blog along with a link, I have to check out their website. Nice photos on your blog, btw. Your daughter is beautiful and your Great Dane makes a fabulous subject. I especially like the shot of Myla with the curious look on her face on the home page of Random Photography.

  13. Hi, nice to meet you !

  14. Nice to meet you, too, ReadersHeaven.

  15. I’m getting back into my creative writing journey and could use some help (read feedback) on my work but I’m now outside the community. Can you suggest a place or places I can go to get some feedback on the work on my blog?


    P.S. I love the first reader post. I look forward to using your form but don’t have the community in place to have people read my work anymore.

    Thanks for your help.


  16. Hi, Soma – I belong to a local writer’s group that helps with feedback, but I just read an article in Writer’s Digest magazine about online critique groups and forums. Here’s the list of links I gathered from the magazine:

    Absolute Write – check their forums at http://www.absolutewrite.com/forums/

    Critique Circle – http://critiquecircle.com/

    Internet Writing Workshop – http://internetwritingworkshop.org/

    Scribophile – http://www.scribophile.com/

    WritersCafe.org – http://www.writerscafe.org/

    I haven’t had a chance to check these all out, but they look like a good place to start.

    I’ve read a few posts on your blog and your writing is captivating. I think you’ve got a great start, just keep going and it will evolve naturally.


  17. Thank you so much for your input. I’m really enjoying playing with writing exercises. Any comments you have are much appreciated and I will check out these online opportunities.


  18. Hello! I just entered blog world and picked Misty Look as my theme. I searched WordPress for other Misty Look Theme blogs and your page came up. I love your blog! Quick question – I would love to add more buttons at the top on my Misty Look Theme header. Right now I just have “home” and “about” I played around with my theme options and tried to read through the tutorials bit can’t find anything describing how to add more buttons to the header. If it is a quick thing to do could you help me? (I don’t have any CSS or HTML experience so if I would be out of luck if adding buttons was a custom application)

  19. Hi, Cathleen – Glad you like my blog.

    The way you add tabs to the top of header is by creating Pages. As you can see, I have 4 additional tabs – Books, Contact, FtTP, and Writing. Each of those is a static page. If you go to your WordPress Dashboard, you should see a link in your menu for Pages. Pages are created just like Posts, but they will remain static, just like a regular HTML website. It’s one of the features I love about WordPress. (Although the pages are static, they can be edited as easily as a blog post.)

    As soon as you create a new page, be sure to title it. That title will show up on as a tab at the top of your blog. While you can make your title a long one, if you have a lot of pages to add, try to keep the titles short so they fit nicely across the top.

    If you have any more questions, drop me a line again and I’ll help you out. Good luck!


  20. Mary,

    Thank you so much!! A new page is happily installed at the top of my blog. That was so wonderful of you to take the time to help me. It was so simple to do. Thanks again!


  21. Happy to help, Cathleen. Congrats on the new page! Love your banner pic.


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