Feng Shui Haiku

Feng Shui Haiku
By Mary Warner

Feng shui, wind-water
Artful arrangement brings luck
Clear clutter from space

Bagua is house map
Align to locate nine zones
Career near front door

Guas include Wealth, Fame,
Relationships, Family,
Helpful People, too

Continuing on . . .
Children, Career and Knowledge
Plus center for Health

Essential to find
Appropriate shape for gua
Right color key, too

Many tips guide fate
Ancient Chinese principles
Seem superstitious

Bounce chi with mirrors
Or crystals properly placed
Can fill missing gua

Red ribbons protect
Cutting chi slices energy
Hide toilet from view

Pair things to couple
Helpful people love silver
Three coins attract wealth

Focus fame through fire
Bells boost creativity
Place books for knowledge

Family needs plants
Find work with water and glass
Earth and fruit for health

Keep the chi flowing
When it gets stuck, no fretting
Just move things about.

June 16, 2004

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