I wrote this little ditty after reading a blog post by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. Trent had a bad relationship with TVT Records and was happy to see the company crash and burn.


By Mary Warner

Tonight for dinner, we’re having gloat

It’s best served in a gravy boat

One part lumpy, two parts creamy,

Gloat’s no good unless it’s steamy

Pluck the lumpy with a fork

If you’re lucky, it’ll taste like pork

Slurp the creamy with a spoon

Keep it up until you croon

Hearty, hearty, have your share

Don’t delay, but be aware

Too much gloat sticks in the throat

Forcing your poor brain to bloat

For all the trouble it can bring

You can count on one sure thing

Gloat for dinner, on the whole,

Is preferred over eating crow.

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