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I’m back after a much-needed blog hiatus. One thing I realized on my hiatus is that I wasn’t really following the notion of “Blogging Without Obligation.” (See the little “B.W.O. bird” button at the bottom of my blog. Click the logo to get an explanation.) I kept feeling that I HAD to produce on my blog, whether I felt like blogging or not. Going on hiatus allowed me to feel no obligation, which was a good thing.

I didn’t get a whole lot of creative anything done (a couple small drawings is all – man, I’m out of practice) but I did have opportunities to read and relax, with the relaxation being very much needed. And, I was inspired to write a blog post (or several), which is a creative act in itself.

So, here’s what inspired my return to blogging …

I found it this past Sunday when Hubby and I went to a local auction. I was so excited to see it lined up with boxes and boxes of small household goods. My mom had one just like this, only orange, and a wave of nostalgia hit me when I found it. Isn’t it strange how things from our past can sneak up on us? I never really thought about Mom’s sewing box with the labeled tray until I saw this. I love sewing and this meets my need for organization, aside from being totally cool because it’s vintage and in such excellent condition. It was obvious from the four sewing machines, giant containers of buttons, and various sewing containers that the owner was a big-time sewer. I’m happy she took good care of her things.

Even better? Hubby managed to pick this up for 3 bucks. Woot!

Okay, your turn. Have you ever run across something from your childhood that you never thought you’d see again? What was it? How did it make you feel?