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After designing planner pages in OpenOffice Calc, a spreadsheet program, I decided to set myself a more difficult challenge. Could I lay out my resume in a spreadsheet program?

Unequivocally, yes! And, when it came to inserting lines, it was much easier to get a clean result using Calc than it was using OpenOffice Writer.

The other thing I discovered about the spreadsheet program is that you can create specially sized spaces between lines. These can be as exact as you need them to be. I created some spaces that were .10 of an inch. I could just as easily have set them at .14″. Very cool.

Here’s a screen shot of the layout. Note the .10″ space before and after the lines around Work Experience.

Resume in Spreadsheet

Resume layout in OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet.

And here’s a link to the final result of my resume (pdf version) as laid out in OpenOffice Calc: MWarnerResumeForBlog.

I think I may have to redesign the grocery list in OpenOffice Calc next. Pretty soon I’ll rival my father-in-law as the spreadsheet lover of the family. 🙂


Note: OpenOffice is a freeware program that has many of the same capabilities as Microsoft Office. Visit the OpenOffice website to download the program.