Mailbox buried in snow

Mailbox buried in snow

Folks, it is officially March 22 … a day after the first day of spring … and look at what we’ve got to deal with. Mountains of snow, a bunch of it having arrived in the last week.

I’m not gonna lie. After last winter, when we had 80 degree days in March and Hubby was helping plant a community garden IN MARCH, I am spoiled. I want warmth. I want the snow gone. I want to walk Doggle Woggle without worrying about falling on ice.

Instead, it feels as though we’ve slipped into The Year of the Endless Winter. Not only do we have loads of snow to contend with, we’ve still got cold, particularly in the morning.

Daughter says that Minnesotans shouldn’t complain about the weather as of late. This is Minnesota, after all, and we ought to be used to the snow and variability.

In an effort to look on the bright side, which is what Daughter encourages, the snow is a beautiful white, the amount is as impressive as I remember it being as a child, and it will be gone soon. It’s just got to be.