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I had a dream this morning. I was out walking Doggle Woggle and saw a man walking a duck. The duck was one of those farmyard ducks, white with black speckled feathers. It was very well behaved, following the man without a leash. The man spent a lot of time talking to the duck, who seemed to understand him. Meanwhile, I was making sure to keep Doggle Woggle away from the duck. His leash manners, even in the dream and particularly around ducks, aren’t so great.

In other news, I finished a light read today – Sad Desk Salad by Jessica Grose. The novel follows Alex Lyons, a blogger for a gossip site called Chick Habit. After having been a blogger for so long, I could really feel for Alex as she dealt with the ethics of what she posted and the travails of a troll.