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OMG! Someone’s actually gone and done it. Someone has put together a website to figure out the genealogy of creative works, more specifically, books. This is an idea I blogged about in 2007 on my old blog, Filter & Splice. I got to wondering how creative works spawned other creative works.

A website called Small Demons, which I discovered through the GalleyCat blog, is attempting to do just that with books. I’ve just started poking around on the site and it looks as though you can search for particular references in books (say, every book that mentions Duran Duran) and get a list of those books back. You can sign up for an account and create your own collections of books, but you can’t yet contribute your own references within books. (Small Demons is still working on that.)

When you visit the site, be sure to watch the introductory video, which gives a good explanation of what the site is trying to do. Small Demons is calling it the Storyverse (TM).

Time to do more poking around. I’m very happy someone is attempting this challenge.