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You know your blog is getting old when you blow right past its fifth anniversary without even realizing it. The anniversaries all start blending together.

October 23 (yes, 3 days ago) marked The Woo Woo Teacup Journal’s fifth year of existence. I’d say that’s pretty good, particularly because I’m still managing, in between all the other stuff I have to do, to write at least one blog post a week.

At this point I’ve noticed that search engines continue to bring people to specific posts so often that my stats are pretty much maintaining themselves.

What posts are people looking at? Here’s a current sample:

Blue Hair

Cockles on My Teeth

The Difference Between a Branch and Twig

Tooth Extraction Update

Random Sestina Generator

Memoir vs. Biography

If I were wise, I’d concentrate on writing about body stuff (hair and teeth seem to be popular on this list) and writing stuff. Not sure where the branch and twig fit in, except that the post seems to answer some pressing question.