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Hubby and I have been dealing in vintage items for over a year now and it’s been an interesting ride. First we had to figure out what we wanted to sell and we settled on mid-century modern furniture, housewares & decor, having started with the small stuff first and then graduating to furniture, which has always been Hubby’s passion. He used to watch his grandparents refinish furniture as a business venture, so he’s come full-circle in refinishing furniture for our business.

Once we settled on what we wanted to sell, we had to find the proper market. Most of Central Minnesota isn’t quite ready for vintage mid-century or modern furniture. Reminds people too much of the everyday furniture they grew up with. “You’re interested in that old stuff?!?” they’ll say to us. We hoped posting our inventory online would lead to sales, but, understandably, people prefer to see vintage furniture in person.

Our best bet to sell was to get things to the Twin Cities, which leads me to an exciting event that’s about to happen in our lives. Through our business, Mid-Century Vibe, we will be teaming up with MidModMen to sell mid-century and modern furniture, housewares, barware and decor at a retail location in St. Paul, MN. We’ll be located at 2401 University Avenue West, between Highway 280 and Raymond Avenue. We’ll be on the light rail line when the trains are running in a couple of years.

We’re tremendously excited about this new twist in our business strategy. The Grand Opening of MidModMen + friends will be October 12, 2012. We’ll be open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. that day. I hope you can join us.

MidModMen + friends Grand Opening, October 2012

MidModMen + friends Grand Opening, October 2012