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I think you writer folks out there will understand this. Sometimes, if I haven’t written anything substantial, I have to write just to write. That’s how I feel tonight.

Sure, I write in a daily journal, but that has very small spaces, so my writing is cramped and telegraphic. Today I wrote a report concerning the State Historic Preservation Conference I attended in Fergus Falls last week (which is why I haven’t written a blog post in a while), but that’s basic work-related writing.

Writing feels substantial when it’s aimed at a finished product like a blog post or article or short story. It also feels substantial when I’m examining my thought processes and throwing them all on a page, where they give me perspective. Even if I’m rambling. Especially when I’m rambling.

Substantial writing makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something, even if I do nothing else in an entire day. Not writing produces a vague sense of unease, a vibration of anxiety that can only be soothed by writing.

In the beginning, there was The Word. And in the end, there is also The Word.

Writers, how long can you go without writing before words call you back?