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… which one would you be?

Okay, I’m starting a new meme here and you ought to be able to play along via your own blog or Facebook or wherever.

I found the most beautiful chair I’ve ever seen yesterday at Hom Furniture while Hubby and I were looking for an area rug. It is called the Kirby Lapis Classic Chair and the one I saw in the store had a matching ottoman. I can’t find the ottoman online, but here’s a link to the chair. And here’s a pic of the chair because I can’t bear to lose the image when Hom decides to discontinue it.

Kirby Lapis Classic Chair from Hom Furniture, August 2012

Kirby Lapis Classic Chair from Hom Furniture, August 2012

I have never seen a piece of furniture that so perfectly captures my personality. What about it captures my personality? I don’t think I can articulate it; I just feel it.

I could design an entire room around this chair, probably a reading/writing/art room. It is the epitome of awesome for me.

Okay, it’s your turn. For those of you wacky enough to think of yourself in terms of furniture, what piece of furniture expresses who you are? Share a link in the comments or on  your own blog or on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.