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I’m in the shower this morning looking at all the bottles of shampoo and conditioner littering the shower floor, wondering when we’re ever going to use them all up. You see, we have reached the point where we are the beneficiaries of whatever shampoo and conditioner our grown children have purchased that they find they don’t like. Daughter is particularly prone to donating almost-full bottles of hair product to us. While the habit makes for a smaller hair product bill for us, especially considering Daughter’s propensity to buy expensive ‘poo, some product sticks around for months and months and months. (And often we find that we don’t like it for the same reason she didn’t, but we don’t want to be ungrateful and wasteful, so we don’t throw it away.)

It dawned on me that perhaps shampoo manufacturers ought to sell sample-sized bottles so that customers can try a product to see how it works before investing in a ginormous bottle. I know that sample-sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner are sold in the sample section of most department stores, but most of those samples are for cheap brands. I’m talking about having samples available for the more expensive brands. Have you seen how large the bottles of shampoo and conditioner are in hair salons? If you buy one and it doesn’t work for your hair, you’re stuck with it for a dang long time. The sample size customers need ought to last for a couple of weeks, not  just one or two washings.

I suppose this is not a cost-effective option for hair product manufacturers, but it’d sure save on our Daughter’s pocketbook and clean up our shower floor.