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There was a great, but scary article in a Newsweek magazine lying around my inlaws’ house that I read this past week. The article was called “iCrazy: Is the Internet Making Us Crazy?” (found a copy of it on The Daily Beast, the title is different depending on where you see it) and it discusses new research that shows computer use, especially internet use, causes structural changes in the brain. Certain areas of the brain grow extra tissue, but the overall size of the brain shrinks the more people use the internet.

While this is scary enough, the article mentioned another negative effect of excessive computer use. “At least 10 ultra-Web users, serviced by one-click noodle delivery, have died of blood clots from sitting too long.” (pg. 2 on The Daily Beast version)

I have long been worried about deep vein thrombosis after hearing that sitting for a long airplane ride can cause a person to “throw a thrombo” and die. Obviously, these ultra-Web users sat waaaay too long, but how long is too long? I’d assume jiggling helps keep the blood moving, but why don’t people throw thrombos whenever they fall asleep on an arm until there is no feeling left? Why don’t we have thrombos from lying down in one position too long? And what about paralyzed people? How do they avoid thrombosis?

I’ve got too many questions about blood clots, don’t I?