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I’ve been eyeing up the Pocky for a few weeks now in the Walmart Asian foods section. Maybe it’s because of the bright pink packaging and the small, cute packages, but more likely it’s because of the name. Pocky. What the heck is it?

Pocky by Glico

Pocky by Glico

I gave in to temptation this past weekend while grocery shopping and bought myself some Pocky. They are delicious, delicate biscuit sticks that are covered in either strawberry cream or chocolate. Because I tend to prefer fruit flavors over chocolate, I chose the strawberry cream version.

Pocky - Strawberry cream covered biscuit sticks

Pocky – Strawberry cream covered biscuit sticks

Pocky doesn’t appear to be a product that would nestle down among the mai fun, coconut milk, hoisin sauce, or bamboo shoots, but it is a product of Japan, so I guess it makes sense.

A package is supposed to be one serving, but I ate it in two sessions and shared some with the boys, so it could be counted as three servings. It was only $1.08 plus tax for a box, so it was a good deal for something new. Even better is the fact that corn is not listed in the ingredients list. I’ve recently discovered I have a sensitivity to corn and finding sweet stuff to eat has become a near impossibility. Yay for corn-free Pocky!