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There’s a saying about “no rest for the wicked” that came to mind last week.  With as busy as Erik and I have been over the past several months, we must be very wicked indeed.

Along with having full-time jobs, we started a business about 10 months ago, but got very serious about it probably 6-7 months ago. We want to make Mid-Century Vibe a viable concern, not just a part-time dalliance. With that goal, we’ve spent most of our free time (along with the time I used for keeping up the household – where is that House Elf when you need him?) growing the business. It’s no easy task and when we’re not actually doing something business related, we’re thinking about the business. Anyone who assumes running a business is trifling from the standpoint of the time involved has never seriously run a business. It’s all-consuming.

Having run a neon sign shop when we were younger, we knew this full well going in. We’ve got to build our business systems from the ground up and work to make things run smoothly (as smoothly as they can, anyway). In the meantime, there shall be very little rest and our moods will swing between wicked grumpiness from the sore muscles and over-thinking and wicked happiness at building a fun enterprise and seeing success from our efforts.