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I got a new bracelet over the weekend …

Turkish bracelet featuring eyeballs

Turkish bracelet featuring eyeballs

I bought it at a sale being hosted by friends of ours in the mid-century antiques business, Neal and Jon of MidModMen. The bracelet belonged to Neal’s mom. Neal, who is a fabulous salesman, had a story to go with each piece the guys were selling and it was no different for this. He said he had purchased the bracelet in Turkey, where Evil Eye jewelry is all the rage. The Turkish people wear these evil eyes in order to ward off envy. In other words, the wearer attempts to keep others from being envious of him or her.

I was attracted to the bracelet because of the circles (tell me I don’t love circles with a blog name like “Woo Woo”) but having an additional story behind the bracelet makes it even more special. And it fits really well and is a beautiful color. I’m digging the Turkish eyeballs hanging out on my arm.