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Blog post 1,001. I’ve had a number of ideas for this, most of them a little complicated, but I only have time to post something easy and frivolous.

Being as how Doggle Woggle has had his share of attention on this blog, I thought it was time to show one of our kitties a little love. And she posed for this swell, blog-worthy pic, so here goes ….

Sweet Stinky among the Melmac.

Sweet Stinky among the Melmac.

Allow me to explain that caption. We call this kitty Stinky because, well, sometimes she stinks. But she also has the sweetest temperament on the planet. She’s soft and pliable and very willing to be kneaded and petted. And she rewards us by purring when we knead and pet her. Oh, and she makes this cute little brrrrup sound when she sees us.

When she leapt to the top shelf of this mid-century bookcase, which stands about five feet high, and sat sweetly among the Melmac, I had to get a picture.