Here it is. Finally. The 1,000th post on The Woo Woo Teacup Journal.

I’ve been writing this post ever since I realized 20 posts ago that it was coming up. What would make for a special 1,000th post? It feels as though I should write something momentous or have a contest or something, but the more I’ve been thinking about it, the more I want to just get over this milestone and keep going. I mean, it’s just another number, right?

So, then, let’s throw a few more numbers at you regarding TWWTJ.

I started the blog on October 23, 2007, so it’s taken me 4 years and approximately 6 months to get to this point. I’m not sure about the failure rate for blogs, but frankly, I’ve been in this one for the long haul after having started and stopped a number of blogs. How many people make it to the 1,000th post on their blogs? I wonder if WordPress has the answer to this question.

Seeing as how I started a WordPress blog because of all the delicious stats, here are the ones it served up as of today:

Along with my 1,000th post, I have 25 pages, 151 categories, and 5,541 tags. That’s a shitload of categories and tags, in case you were wondering. More than most people use. It’s the museum worker in me. Categories and tags help me (and hopefully other people) find things on my blog. The categories also serve to show me the things in life I’m most concerned about, including Life, for which I have a tag. I think it’s my most popular tag, too. (Nope, that would be the Minnesota category.)

Akisment, the program WordPress uses to catch spam comments, has caught 54,414 comments. My real deal comments, the ones I cherish from my dear readers, amount to 3,364. I have had a total of 174,631 views over the life of the blog. (Gee, that number blows me away.)

WordPress kindly shows me which posts are the most popular of all time, including the number of views each has had. Here are the Top 11 posts of all time. (Why 11 and not 10? Everyone does a Top 10 and I like the number 11.)

1. Home Page/Archives – 28,665 views

2. The Progressive Lady – 20,189

3. Beware of Win32/Cryptor – 10,145

4. #431 – deleted – 8,866 (This was the Neil Gaiman’s Wife post I wrote that someone took issue with to the point of threatening my children. I pulled it, not because there was anything necessarily wrong with the post, but because it wasn’t worth the risk. The whole episode still unsettles me, partially because I caved and partially because it made me unable to write for a while, but I think that every writer who writes long enough ends up in a position where she has to decide which words are worth keeping and which are okay to toss. In looking back, I’m not sure I did the right thing, but it felt right at the time. The historian in me kept printed and digital copies of the blog post and what transpired.)

5. The Mentaculus – 5,242

6. M&M Hugged Pretzels – A Recipe in Pictures – 4,495

7. Memoir vs. Biography – 3,642

8. Brick & Blanket, Part I – 2,470

9. Olympic Theme Song – 2,441

10. Brick & Blanket, Part II – 2,198

11. Cialis Bathtubs – 2,054

Because the Top 11 posts get all the love, here are the bottom 11 with the very last one listed first. I’m not sure they are truly at the bottom because I don’t think WordPress has all 1,000 posts on the stats page. Certainly there are posts that have only had one view.

11. Devotion to Dog – 28 views

10. Who Needs Weights? – 28

9. Sharing a Trait with My Mom – 28

8. A Nation of Thugs – 28

7. Bread & Circuses – 28

6. The Goad of Rejection – 29

5. In Music News – 29

4. Pup’s New Toys – 29

3. A Load of Snow – 29

2. Small Things Lost in Unreachable Places – 29

1. Allergy Testing & the Elimination Diet – 29

As I look through a list of my blog post titles, there are definitely posts I don’t recall writing, but, surprisingly, I do remember a lot of them.

The one stat I wish WordPress would provide is a word count. Not the one I see as I’m writing each post, but a total for the entire blog … all 1,000 posts. I think that number would be truly spectacular.

Yay, me! 1,000 posts!

Okay, back to my regular blog work.