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I’m typing this on my nook and already having problems with typos because I’m not used to typing ona touch screen. Please forgive my glaring (or not so glaring) errors.

(Ona. Yep, there’s one.)

So, I was at the Minneapolis Convention Center at the beginning of the week for a national museum conference and, naturally, over the course of three days had several opportunities to use the facilities (as we sometimes like to call bathrooms in this neck of the woods). The bathrooms had self-flushing toilets. Very sensitive self-flushing toilets. Every time I so much as shifted a cheek, the water beneath me was swirling.

I always thought self-flushing toilets were supposed tosave water, but for every trip to the bathroom, the toilet flushed three or four times. Hardly an efficient use of water.

Perhaps I’ve had the wrong impression of self-flushing toilets all this time. Maybe they’re not about efficiency but about helping users avoid the gross-out factor of an unflushed toilet. The convention center’s toilets worked like a dream in this regard.
(Now where’s my keyboard? This flatscreen typing is giving me a backache.)