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I’ve come to the conclusion that beyond basic survival, much of human activity is about keeping ourselves amused. What led me to this conclusion was the observation of people who constantly create drama in their lives. It’s not that they can’t avoid the drama by walking away from situations, it’s that they won’t walk away from them. (Although, if the drama is a habit, maybe they don’t know how to walk away anymore. Buddhists would say we all have this inclination to cling to drama, so I’m just as guilty of this as anyone.)

In any case, the observation of those who stir up excess drama in their lives led me to realize that this is only one way human beings keep themselves amused. We also amuse ourselves by going after power, engaging in politics, starting wars, and adopting addictive behaviors. Sounds like bad news for humanity, doesn’t it?

Ah, but we also keep ourselves amused by doing good things, like taking care of others, traveling, reading, listening to music, watching performances (including TV & movies), working, starting a business, repairing things, gardening, doing puzzles, embarking on a spiritual journey, and creating things (my favorite!).

Once we’re assured of our survival, life is all about staving off boredom.

How do you keep yourself amused during your steady march toward the grave?

(I could have ended that question after the word “amused,” but it wouldn’t have been as dramatic. šŸ˜‰ )