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Hey, all, I’ve found a new blog to read. It’s called “Cold Turkey … Leftovers” and it’s by my cousin, John Ingalls. There are so many Johns in my family, including my dad and one of my brothers, that I call my cousin Dr. John, because he’s a doctor. (I wouldn’t call him Dr. if he weren’t. I’d probably have a nickname for him.)

I’ve read a few of Dr. John’s posts and they’re sidesplittingly funny. (Have a gander at “Feeding Children.”) His writing reminds me of my Grandpa Jens, who was also Dr. John’s grandpa. Grandpa was a writer, too, although I knew him as an artist. He had hidden his writer side from me, except for the long letters he used to write to me, and I didn’t find out until after he entered a nursing home and my sister rescued a number of short stories from his house.

Grandpa had an easy-going style of telling stories (whether true or not) and Dr. John has this as well. They both also share a great sense of humor.

I’ve got “Cold Turkey … Leftovers” in my Google Reader so I can follow along.


P.S. I’ve got to share this strange little coincidence related to the term “Cold Turkey.” A few days ago, I was checking the stats on one of our work blogs, this one for a project called “What’s It Like […] in Morrison County?” The goal of the project is to collect 100 essays about various aspects of life in our county.

I’ve written a couple of essays in order to get things going. One of them is called, “What’s It Like [To Make Ashtrays] in Morrison County?” and it’s about how smoking was so acceptable when I was a kid that we made ashtrays in school to take home to our parents. Writing about making ashtrays made me think about efforts to get my dad to quit smoking and I wrote about watching a movie called “Cold Turkey,” which starred Dick Van Dyke, a guy who has always reminded me of Dad, and is about an entire town trying to quit … cold turkey.

Someone did a search for the term “cold turkey” within the last week (I saw it when I checked the blog’s stats) and landed on the work blog. Wouldn’t it be weird if it was Dr. John doing a search of Google to check out the potential for his blog’s name? (Gives me that strange “woo woo” feeling to think about it.)