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I love lists. I worked on this one a couple of months ago. It’s of small, confining places. I questioned whether I needed both adjectives to describe the list. Aren’t confining spaces small by definition? Not necessarily. I mean, if you’re chained to a wall in a large room, you’re confined, but not in a small space. Also, you could be in a small space, but not necessarily be confined. Some of the spaces on this list fall into this category.

1. A jail cell or prison cell (the obvious small, confining place)

2. A narrow crevice between 2 boulders (James Franco in 127 Hours comes to mind for this – I couldn’t watch the previews without shuddering, which means I haven’t seen the movie.)

3. An elevator stuck between floors (a claustrophobic experience when I was at the Tower Sudan Mine in Minnesota, smashed at the back by a full crowd of peeps and we had to wait while the elevator above us filled, only the staff person didn’t mention this on the way down, so I was trying not to have a panic attack while squeezing Daughter’s hand … um, yeah)

4. A well shaft

5. The mind of a bigot

6. A town with overly orderly grass

7. A ledge on a tall building

8. The back of a police car in handcuffs

9. The room of a nursing home

10. A tomb or coffin (probably cozy if you’re dead, not so much when you’re still breathing … unless you’re a vampire)

11. A submarine

12. A space shuttle (Major Tom to ground control …)

13. Under the bed (small, but not necessarily confining)

14. A stuffed closet (ever been in one with a bunch of winter coats?)

15. A toilet stall

16. A sewer pipe

17. A cave (of course this depends on the size of the cave … I’m thinking small and dark)

18. A sick bed

19. The trunk of a car

20. A confessional

21. A head stuck between railing bars (this is why there are building and manufacturing codes for such things)

22. The car of a Ferris wheel

23. An anchoress’s  cell

Okay, your turn. What small confining places come to mind when you think of small confining places? Have you ever been stuck in a small confining place? How did you feel?