Erik realized something very important recently. By only publishing our Mid-Century Vibe inventory on Facebook, we completely miss an audience larger than those who like us on Facebook. Google doesn’t index Facebook stuff (not that we know of, anyway).

What does that mean? Well, it means we’ve reactivated our Mid-Century Vibe blog. I still don’t have time to keep up with two full blogs, so we’re going to approach it differently from how we did it before. We’re going to make the Mid-Century Vibe blog photo-heavy, and primarily post the inventory that we’re showcasing on Facebook. (We picked a new theme, too.) Yes, there will be repetition, but, as we noted above, the blog will reach a larger audience. The benefit will be that we can create posts faster and do them at the same time we upload pics to Facebook.

Maybe I’ll even write some longer posts, but that’s not going to happen all the time. (We do have something to say about the blatant dismissal of laminate-topped  mid-century furniture.)

In other news, we’ve officially registered the Mid-Century Vibe name with the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office, which feels like a huge step in the evolution of our business.