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I have noted a strange phenomenon while out walking Doggle Woggle. Often I will see old men driving cars slowly through the streets in order to entertain their little dogs. These old men look like they could be pretty crotchety on the surface (my Polish grandpa, Stan, was one such guy, so I know my crotchety old men), like they’d be more attracted to a big brute of a dog. But, no. They usually have a small, powder puff of a dog (a dog that matches their soft interiors). One guy even rolls the leash of his dog into the window, presumably so the dog won’t scamper around the car.

This morning, after walking Doggle Woggle, I had to run to the store for some lotion and decided to take the dog with so he wouldn’t forget how to ride in a car. He hasn’t been on a ride in months, so it was time.

After picking up the lotion, I figured the ride wasn’t long enough for Doggle Woggle, so I drove around town. Slowly. So I wouldn’t jar the dog. So he could have a good look around. So he would feel entertained.

And I turned into an old man. (Except my dog is bigger. 🙂 )