… someone, please throw ice cold water in my face!

I’ve done it again. Taken on another personal blog that I don’t have time to keep up. This one is the Mid-Century Vibe blog I started to go with our part-time antiques business.

I love setting up blogs and tweaking the theme in order to get the look I want. And while I’d like to be able to produce content for a blog with a specific theme (as opposed to my all-over-the-place Woo Woo Teacup Journal), I don’t have enough time away from work and other obligations to keep up with more than one blog.

Here’s the argument I have with myself when I have two blogs and a limited amount of time:

Self: It’s time to write a blog post.

Self: I know. I’ve got ideas for both blogs, but only enough time for one. Which one should I work on?

Self: Well, you’ve got more time and effort in on The Woo Woo Teacup Journal. It’s also your online home.

Self: I know, but I really should add to the other blog.

Self: Should nothing! The Woo Woo calls!

Self: I can’t resist!

Self: No, you can’t.

Self: Woo Woo it is. πŸ™‚

As you can see, a blog has got to give and it’s not going to be The Woo Woo Teacup Journal.

I will not, however, abandon all the work I put into Mid-Century Vibe. While I only wrote 8 blog posts and a sticky post there, I put a lot of research into each (well, not so much into the sticky post). I have taken the text from the sticky post and created a page for it here. (See the menu above the banner.)

I’ve recreated the 8 blog posts on Woo Woo and they will be posting each day starting tomorrow until they’re all here.

The Mid-Century Vibe blog will be going away within the week. I simply can’t have that extra open channel out there to keep track of. Nor can I confuse the Googles or readers with identical posts on two different blogs.

When I want to post something related to our antique space, I will do it here. No longer will my Self have to argue with my Self about which blog to post to.