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A basic tenet of capitalism is that consumers must continue to buy more and more products so that the economy can grow. (I’m not sure why service doesn’t get the same weight that products do in this equation, but maybe that’s a faulty observation.)

As a consumer who doesn’t want to consume more than she can possibly use, I’m not a very good capitalist, but I know someone that is. Meet canis lupus familiaris, more specifically, our very own canis lupus familiaris: Aleksandr. He is a consumption machine.

Caught in the act, Aleksandr destroying his dog bed, January 2012.

Caught in the act, Aleksandr destroying his dog bed, January 2012.

When he is not lounging about the house, Aleksandr is busy consuming the products we buy for him. In this picture, he is finally lounging on his new dog bed (less than 2 weeks old), but only because he has taken all the stuffing out and created a nest for himself. Apparently it’s more comfy that way.

Industry must love these four-legged engines of capitalism. “Consume away, doggie! We’ll make more!”

But only if we dog owners give in and continue to buy stuff for canis lupus familiaris to consume.

While we won’t be buying a new dog bed for Aleksandr any time soon, he’ll surely be the recipient of numerous toys over the duration of his life, each of which he’ll eventually destroy. Capitalism lives on in the Warner household.