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I appear to be addicted to the Woo Woo, but Woo Woo in the case of this title has nothing to do with the name of my blog.

The Woo Woo Dogs are two dogs near our house who know exactly when Doggle Woggle and I are out for a walk and come barreling out of their house, “Woo wooing” all the way. They drop the “f” off woof, so their sound is a bit more like baying than barking.

My Doggle Woggle gets anxious (raised back fur, leaping and lunging) when dogs act all crazy around him, like the Woo Woo Dogs do. In order to keep myself calm around dogs I don’t know, which in turn keeps my dog calmer, I give them names. So far, I’ve only had to come up with the name Woo Woo Dogs. As Doggle Woggle and I get close to the Woo Woo Dogs, I’ll say, “Do you think we’ll see the Woo Woo Dogs today?” If we do, I’ll say, “Don’t worry, it’s just the Woo Woo Dogs. They can’t get you. They’re behind a fence.”

It’s a fairly successful strategy. That, and it helps to keep the treats handy and let Doggle Woggle nibble as we walk by.