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Ever have one of those blogging days when all you want to do is talk about life’s trivialities and skip the post about some Big Topic? Yeah, that’s my day today.

We’ve had our first snow in central Minnesota. It fell Saturday in a significant enough quantity to stay put. Walking the dog while the snow was falling was a challenge an impossibility. Doggle Woggle kept spinning and stopping on the leash, crouching like he was about to pounce on the flakes. He wanted to race around, but the leash made it impossible, so he yanked me around instead. At one point, I let go of the leash and he tore away. When he stopped, I took off the leash and let him run a few times around the house. Yesterday I took him to the local outdoor hockey rink (no ice yet, thank goodness) and let him run off his snow energy. Last night and this morning, he did pretty well on his walks, with the normal amount of pulling, although he does seem to pick up on more scents as we walk. Does snow amplify smells for dogs?

We’ve been getting used to internet TV. We subscribed to HuluPlus first, after purchasing a Roku. HuluPlus has The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, which we’re addicted to, so we love it for that reason. It also has Psych, which is a favorite of Young Son’s. He’s gotten Hubby and I hooked on the show, so much so that we’ll even watch it when he’s not home. A lot of the movies on HuluPlus seem to be older and not necessarily ones we want to watch, so we signed up for NetFlix and are very much enjoying that, as well. Erik especially likes the program “How It’s Made,” which feels like the old documentaries we had to watch in school. One of my favorite internet channels is TED, which features TED Talks. I can’t tell you how many of them I have watched.

One of the beauties of internet TV is that we are no longer tied to a clock for watching a program. We can start and stop watching whenever we like. The commercial breaks on HuluPlus are very short, though, so it’s tough to run and get a snack or use the bathroom during a commercial. (We’ve got to get better at using the pause button.)

We’re gearing up for the holidays. Eldest Son and Daughter will be home shortly for Thanksgiving and we’ve got to figure out what to prepare for the extended family meal. Hubby and I worked at the antique store Saturday (the Day of the Big Snow) and prepared our booth for Christmas. I cut snowflakes out of wrapping paper to decorate our space. We also put out mints and Complimentary Candy Canes. The candy canes have tags affixed with compliments written on them. It was Hubby’s idea, although he had me writing the compliments because he says I have better handwriting. My favorite compliment is, “Santa likes you.”

And now for the mice promised in my title.

Young Son came out of the kitchen last night and said, “Mom, I think there are two mice in the dog food.” Oh, joy! We had problems with mice earlier this fall (yes, it’s still fall, even with the snow) and got rid of all of them. Now they’re back.

The two in the dog food were tiny mice – babies – very cute with their little bodies and big eyes. They couldn’t get back out of the bag. The dog food is stored in the pantry, which is a space under the stairs, so the light is dim. With Erik holding the flashlight, I had to fish out each mouse with old whipped topping containers without having a mouse crawl onto my hand during the procedure. This I managed and I took the mice out to our compost pile.

This morning, Hubby found another baby mouse in the dog food. Oh, joy! I purchased a (way too large) plastic container for the dog food and one for the cereal, just in case. This morning I cleaned the entire pantry, which was a quick operation after having done a thorough job for the earlier mouse infestation. We’ll be setting traps tonight.

And firing our cats. 🙂