Hey, y’all, as if there wasn’t enough to do in life (like keep up with The Woo Woo Teacup Journal), Hubby and I have started a new blog. It’s called Mid-Century Vibe and it will feature the cool stuff we find to sell in our antique space at Rural Origins Antiques. (Okay, some of it is so cool that we’ve kept it, including three lamps, three 2-tiered tables and a hutch, but who’s counting?) Hopefully that blog will be mostly pictures and descriptions (that’s my intention, anyway) so it won’t take lots of work to keep up. Although, when we’re doing research, we often get caught up in the stories behind the pieces. We’ll see ….

You can find Mid-Century Vibe here. (I’m surprised at how quickly it has shown up on Google. Our Facebook page on the store in on page one of a Google search for “mid century vibe” and the blog is on page two. Is Google getting faster?)