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A quick post today. My time has increasingly been filled with things other than the internet. One of those things is this:

A rash of unknown origin

A rash of unknown origin, October 3, 2011

I have developed a rash of unknown origin. It is incredibly itchy, sometimes feeling like fire. I’ve been trying to figure out what it is and searching for relief from it since the beginning of September.

The rash started in early summer as a fungal infection in my groin and armpits, with spots on my neck and in my elbow creases (inside arm). I was treated for this infection at the beginning of September with ketocanozole, an anti-fungal, and triamcinolone, a corticosteroid. Within a few days of starting the treatment, the armpit and groin rashes were clearing up, but the skin on my torso began to itch. Then my arms and back and neck and backs of my knees. Along with the itch came the rash. At this point my body is more rash than regular skin.

Armpit rash - probably a fungal infection, September 3, 2011.

Armpit rash - probably a fungal infection, September 3, 2011.

The beginnings of the torso rash - September 12, 2011.

The beginnings of the torso rash - September 12, 2011. When this first started, I thought this was bad. Oh, how naive I was!

I’ve had a dreadful time getting our local clinic to take this seriously. The one person who has seen it had no idea what is causing the rash. I’ve run the gamut of guessing whether it’s from an allergy to the medicine, a yeast infection, shingles, or contact dermatitis. When the rash was in my armpits, I thought it was ringworm. The nurse practictioner who looked at it thought maybe scabies, but both ringworm and scabies are contagious and no one else in my family is suffering from this (thank God!).

I have an appointment with a dermatologist on October 24. That’s a damn long time to wait, but it’s better than the original appointment I was given – December 8. (How is our health care system better than Canada’s?)

Meanwhile, I’m washing every piece of clothing I own, plus the bedding and towels in case this is contact dermatitis from our laundry soap. I also continue to fiddle with various ointments for relief (straight coconut oil, zinc oxide diaper rash cream, baking soda baths, etc. etc.). If you recognize this rash of unknown origin and have found a successful treatment, please let me know.