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This is my last post live blogging from GRAA. I’ve surpassed the hour I had scheduled, mostly because I started late.

The hour has shot by and I haven’t even talked about what’s going on outside the Arts Center. There’s lots of traffic, much of it coming to a stop at the light on the corner next to the building. A red car is parallel parking just now. (I envy the driver’s ability. Very smooth.)

Across the street is the Falls Theater. Now playing: Don’t be Afraid of the Dark, Horrible Bosses, Spy Kids 4 (they’re still making sequels?), and Planet of the Apes.

We spotted a friend of Eldest Son’s out walking across the street.

A while ago, a woman stopped in front of the window so she could text someone. She didn’t seem to to be aware that I was in the window.

A small group of motorcycles just went through.

I didn’t realize Little Falls could be so busy on a Friday morning/afternoon.

Okay, time for lunch. I’m signing off this live blogging gig. It’s been fun!