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We have divested ourselves of Charter Communications. It is a momentous occasion for a couple of reasons. First, since bundling phone service in with cable TV and internet a year ago, our bill jumped a whopping 32% after the introductory period was over. The cost became prohibitively expensive. Plus, after suffering damage from a thunderstorm over a month ago, we’ve not been receiving our local TV channels or a few of our cable channels.

The second reason this is momentous is that we will be going without cable TV, period. We’re going to be investigating alternatives such as Netflix and Hulu. This will definitely take some adjustment. We’re so used to cable TV always being there and just turning it on whenever, sometimes merely as background noise, that we will have to retrain ourselves to consciously pick television programming, rather than mindlessly having it fed to us.

In converting our phone and internet to a central Minnesota company and picking a TV alternative, we figure we will save about $100 per month. Don’t feel too sad for Charter, though. We’ve been customers since 1997, so the company has received plenty of our money. Time to spread the love around.