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My Dearest WordPress –

We have had a relationship spanning nigh these four years and I’ve been quite happy with you most of that time. However, last night you said something that has me peeved. When I published my blog post, you announced that I had too many tags and categories applied to my post, that I should use no more than five to ten tags and categories altogether.

Why did you not tell me this sooner, say, four years ago? No, I have to wait four years until you upgrade for the umpteenth and decide to get all fussy. I have been madly tagging and categorizing in a manner befitting a museum professional, using great detail so that I have the ability to suss out the posts I want when I do a search. To prove my desire for topical detail, you need look no further than my blog statistics. I have 147 categories and 5,196 tags.

While you may think it is unnecessary for me to categorize a post under ‘knitting’ when I have merely mentioned knitting, rather than make the whole post about knitting, I want to be able to see how often knitting comes up in my writing. The same goes for when I mention Lady Gaga or Christopher Moore, who may both come up in the same post, along with a number of other celebrities. (As an example, refer to my post of August 1, 2011, in which I list ten different artist, thus instantly reaching the top end of your number of tags and categories.) When I tag the names of individuals I mention in my posts, I am giving them a respectful nod, not attempting to game your SEO system.

And about this whole SEO thing. I think it’s completely overblown. It seems to me you didn’t have a problem with my multitudes of tags and categories when I first started my relationship with you. And, truly, I’ve been a zealous tagger all along, so why is it now suddenly an issue? Do too many tags bog down your system?

Here’s the deal. If you can guarantee that any term I search for in my blog will return all the blog posts mentioning that term without my having to tag or categorize the term, I will reduce the number of tags and categories I use. Until then, I can make no promises concerning my tagging and categorizing habits. The museum professional in me appreciates, nay, thrives on, the detail this affords me in mapping the structure of my mind.

Yours sincerely,

Mz. Woo (The Mad Tagger)

P.S. Do please note that I have only used a total of five tags and categories on this post, although I do so under duress.

P.S.S. Oh, for fuck’s sake, WordPress! Make up your mind! When I published this post, you informed me that I should use a few more tags (“respectful nodlady gagamuseum professional,christopher moore, and umpteenth”) in order to make the post easier to find. For your information, I never would have chosen “respectful nod” or “umpteenth” as tags or categories.