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It was hot and sticky in Central Minnesota again, although not quite as bad as it was a couple of weeks ago. Rain threatened. There was even lightning and thunder, but not much in the way of precipitation.

Hubby spent the day at an auction. Young Son volunteered at a community event. Eldest Son was home with me. Thank goodness. (You’ll find out why momentarily.)

This morning, as I was getting ready to take the dog for a walk and planning for transporting cardboard to the landfill for recycling, Eldest Son informed me that there was something wrong with his financial aid. He is about $4,000 short of what he needs. Because I was mentally preparing for other tasks, this put me into a panic. When I get into a panic about something monetary, I want to find a solution NOW!

Of course, as soon as I get into a panic, life falls apart in small ways. Eldest Son tried to look up important information related to his financial aid online and his browser wouldn’t display the page we needed. He tried another browser. No luck.

As he was doing this, I was still mentally in a place where the dog needed walking, which was contributing to the panicky feeling, so I told him I’d help him figure things out once I got back.

Dog duly walked, I returned in a calmer mood. It didn’t last.

I booted up my computer and tried to display the info I was looking for on three different browsers. Thankfully, it popped up with the non-upgraded Internet Explorer. (It didn’t display on Eldest Son’s computer in his upgraded Internet Explorer, so obviously the website hasn’t kept up with the newer browser version.)

At this point, I wanted to print the page. I have a printer that’s old and it’s been on the fritz, not always engaging when I plug it into my computer. Last night, however, it worked fine. It wasn’t so fine this morning. I plugged it in and it wouldn’t engage. Plug, unplug, plug, unplug, plug, unplug, gnash my teeth, threaten to throw the whole damn thing out the window, calm myself enough to merely pick it up off the desk and set it down on the floor … hard. Grrrr!

Eldest Son to the rescue. He grabbed his printer and we plugged it in. While we were waiting for the driver to download, he helped me put the cardboard in the car.

We got the printer installed and printed everything we needed. We determined that the financial aid issue would require a phone call, which we can’t make until Monday, so there was no use fussing over the problem until then.

My day improved. I got the cardboard delivered, washed a load of laundry, cleaned both bathrooms, finished making a book, and was about to spray paint a small, rough bench for the front stoop when my mood suddenly swooped back toward panic. As I was removing my engagement and wedding rings in order to paint, my engagement ring fell into the heat vent. I couldn’t get it out.

Once again, it was Eldest Son to the rescue. He helped me take apart the duct work in the basement (not an easy task) and we retrieved the ring. Whew! Panic gone. I got a phone call from Hubby while we were in the middle of putting the duct work back together. When I had finished with the call, Eldest Son told me he had completed the project.

When I look back at the day, I could say, “It’s been one of those days,” except that most of the day has been great and productive. And the two moments of major uproar were mitigated by the presence and assistance of Eldest Son. He was truly my sanity today.