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Here is post number 2 from Mz. Woo’s Guide to Life (G2L), originally posted May 30, 2011.

The Cat at the Back Door

Mz. Woo has a cat. (Mz. Woo has three cats, but that is not important right now.) This cat, a strikingly handsome lanky white cat with black spots, goes by the nickname Rotten Spotty. (Note that Mz. Woo did not say that the cat responds to the name Rotten Spotty. Her cats, like most cats, do not typically respond to names because a name implies ownership and cats do not like to be owned. The best Mz. Woo can do to get her cats’ attention is to whisper “psspsspss” at them and hope they listen.)

Rotten Spotty is called Rotten because he likes to sit at the storm door while Mz. Woo is in the backyard. (This sitting is fine, it is what he is anticipating that makes him rotten.) He is waiting for Mz. Woo to open the door so that he can dart out and run away. He prefers it if Mz. Woo has her hands full so that she cannot pounce on him to prevent his escape. He is fast, though, so even if Mz. Woo is ready for him, he often succeeds in achieving a momentary freedom by bolting to the nearest tree and climbing midway up its trunk, where he awaits rescue. (Natch!)

If Mz. Woo is thinking straight, she can prevent this entire escape scenario by ignoring the back door through which Rotten Spotty is peering and entering the house via the front door. This strategy is a useful one for many of life’s troubles. It is a very rare event, indeed, that does not have a solution alternate to the troublesome one presenting itself.

Mz. Woo says: Be smarter than the cat by the back door.

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