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If you’ve been paying attention to my blog over the past 1/2 hour, you may have noticed some strangeness – a new look, missing sidebar widgets (including the pic of Greenville & etc.), a sidebar switching sides, reappearing widgets, widgets appearing at the bottom of the page, things shifting around in general.

I decided I was bored with the look of my old blog theme, which was fairly similar to the one I had before, and wanted to go with something drastically different. (Blame the heat and humidity of the last two days, if you must, but a girl’s gotta move the furniture around once in a while just to keep things interesting.) I chose WordPress’s Chateau theme, which I think is a newer one. What I liked about it, other than I could keep my header image and change the color of the post headings, is that it truncates all the posts after the current one and puts them in a grid pattern. I think it cleans up the blog and makes it easier to find posts without scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. My other attraction to the theme is the widget area at the bottom of the screen, which allowed me to move some of the clutter out of the sidebar.

I have not yet deleted Mz. Woo’s Guide to Life, but took advantage of that blog to play around with several themes. WordPress’s preview box for trying on new themes does not allow one to see everything a particular theme will do. You’ve got to get in there and try things out, which I don’t care to do when a blog is regularly read. When I make a theme change on Woo Woo Teacup, I want to do it fast. Mz. Woo’s G2L (Guide to Life) made that an easier proposition.