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I have determined that I am a one-blog woman. It’s all I can comfortably handle without feeling guilty that I’m not blogging enough on one blog or the other.

I write (speak?) from experience. I have twice tried to start a second blog while also operating The Woo Woo Teacup Journal and both times I’ve abandoned the effort after only a few posts. Interestingly, both blogs were arranged around focused ideas that I thought might turn into books.

I can’t remember what the first secondary blog was called, although I had chosen this wonderfully mysterious blue and black theme with vines that spoke to me of Edgar Allan Poe. I do know that it was going to be written as fiction.

The second secondary blog is Mz. Woo’s Guide to Life, which I intended to use to explore aphorisms and providing advice. When I started, I thought of Mz. Woo as this fictional character (“Mz. Woo is fiction in a fortune cookie.”) and I wanted her to have a distinctive voice. I wrote as though she was speaking in third person about herself, but she ended up being less fictional and more me than I expected. I chose the black, red, and white dramatic Vertigo theme for the blog, which I really like, but it doesn’t have enough widget spaces for The Woo Woo Teacup Journal. The blog still exists, but not for long. I will be transferring the four posts I wrote to this blog and deleting it.

I took away a couple of things from Mz. Woo’s Guide to Life. My posted user name on WordPress is now Mz. Woo, a combination of what my friend Jody started calling me (Ms. Woo) because of The Woo Woo Teacup Journal, and a new spelling for Ms. (Mz.) because my daughter liked it better.

The other thing I took away is the notion that I should never try to write a blog with a narrow focus. My brain doesn’t want to work that way, which is why I’ll probably never have 4 million followers. All the really successful bloggers tend to pick a topic and work it, work it, work it … with the exception of celebrities, who can blog about anything they want because their readers want the focus to be on them (the celebrity, of course, in case that last pronoun isn’t clear).

When I get a notion to start a new blog just to try out some writing, can y’all remind me that it doesn’t work for me and that I should just try the posts out here? ‘Kay, thanks!