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The shutdown of the Minnesota state government has really got me bothered. Republicans in the legislature have decided that if they don’t get their way (their way being NO TAXES EVER! especially on the wealthy and, oh, by the way, they’ll let the governor have a little say in the budget if he passes a whole bunch of social policies that they want but that are crappy for the overall freedom of citizens), they will hold the entire state hostage by continuing with the shutdown. For a party that promised it would work on jobs, it’s done a very good job of putting people straight out of work. (The majority of government workers have been laid off.) The party has, however, gotten its wish of less government. Frankly, I think most of those in the party would be very happy to have no real government, except one in which they get to keep all the wealth and boss all the peasants around (and maybe step over their maggot-ridden bodies in the crumbling streets). I have no confidence in the Republican party wanting to maintain a high quality of life for all Minnesotans. And if all Minnesotans can’t share in a high quality of life, those at the top aren’t going to get it either. As you can see, I’m so bothered by the shutdown and the stubbornness of the current crop of Republicans in power that I haven’t broken this post into paragraphs.

Until now … [deep breath]

The other morning I woke and began composing a letter to my representative, a Republican who has decided he doesn’t actually represent me or anyone else who didn’t vote for him. He only represents those who agree with him and the extreme ideologies of the party. Within the text of my mental letter, I wanted to suggest that he read George Orwell’s novel “1984,” which is about a dystopic society under supreme authoritarian rule. I read the novel ages ago, so I’ve been left with only the faintest memory of it, but it came to mind and I thought it might be appropriate for those currently bent on mucking up American society for their own personal gain. (Unfortunately, I think maybe these legislators might read the book and empathize with Big Brother, rather than the main character.)

Anyway, I thought it might be a good idea to read the book again myself and decided I would look for it the next time I went to the library.

The same day, I went grocery shopping. Lo! I discovered that the book section of Wal-Mart had been stocked with a number of classic novels – something I never see there – and what book was among the classics? “1984.”

How is it a book I haven’t thought of in forever came to mind and I find it later the same day in a store that never sells it? I took it as a sign and bought the book.


Btw, if you are a Republican who wants to get pissy with me for holding the current Republicans in power responsible for the government shutdown, please save it. I distinguish between the current rabid Republicans who have taken over the party with such strict ideology that they will gladly thrown their own under the bus if one disagrees with the majority and the moderate Republicans of governments past. I’m sure there are moderate, reasonable Republicans still out there, but they have been shouted down by their own party. When people behave with the extremes of the current Republicans in power, they must be met with unwavering fortitude, just like children holding temper tantrums. I’m glad Governor Dayton is not caving into their demands.

If you decide to leave a pissy attack comment anyway, I will delete it. You have been forewarned. (Just as I would forewarn my children if they threatened me with a temper tantrum.)