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The dishes are piled high on the counter, selectively ignored over the weekend. The other task I’ve been ignoring, until now, is blogging, not because I didn’t want to blog, but because I didn’t have time.

Saturday found us at two parties, a birthday party at the lake for our nephew and an impromptu Fourth of July party along the river with friends. Both featured great food, as most parties in Minnesota do.

Sunday found us driving Eldest Son to the airport for a trip to visit his aunt and uncle. It’s the first time he’s had to negotiate air travel by himself. I was nervous; he was nervous; Erik was nervous. Thankfully, we have cellphones with unlimited texting and once Eldest Son was past security, he sent us messages to keep us posted on when he was boarding, when he reached his layover destination, and when he arrived and met his uncle (my brother).

Once he boarded for the first portion of the flight, Erik and I headed back home, stopping along the way to check in on the progress of our friend Jody’s new antique store. She was trying to remove dirt-encrusted Mop-n-Glo ¬†with a scrubby, the floor machine having been abandoned as ineffective. Erik, who’s had experience with floor machines, started it up, added a generous helping of water to the floor and got to work. Meanwhile, I helped Jody assemble several pieces of IKEA display furniture, stopping for a bit to retrieve Young Son from home. Several hours later, after an impromptu pizza supper courtesy of Jody, we headed home, dropping into bed at nine o’clock.

Doggle Woggle stayed home during all of this activity. Come Monday morning, even though I had taken him to the park and on short walks over the weekend, I was feeling guilty about not getting him out more. And it hit me: Dogs tie people to places. Of course I knew that already in a general sort of way, but not as viscerally as I did over the weekend. It’s not only dogs that tie people to places, it’s also cows and cats and chickens and goats and horses and goldfish. If you own a pet, travel for any length of time becomes troublesome. It’s easier to stay home. An animal you care about is as effective as a chain in keeping you in one place.

And then there’s the blog. Obviously, with all the weekend’s busy-ness, I didn’t get to posting on The Woo Woo Teacup Journal. My week nights are generally taken up with walking the dog, figuring out supper, catching up with the family, taking out garbage, reading the mail (and the Facebook and the Twitter and the blogs), and collapsing after work, so it’s been increasingly difficult to find time to blog properly, but I make it a priority on Sunday or Monday. But not this Sunday or Monday. And it hit me: Blogs, if a blogger is conscientious about them, tie people to a particular online place.

Not only do dogs and blogs tie us to places, they also rhyme! Convenient, eh?