It’s official. I’ve closed my shop at CafePress, which means my three separate editions of Greenville can no longer be purchased there. The Keeping Edition (just your regular ol’ book) is available through Amazon and I’m working to put the Sharing and Unfinished Editions there as well. I’ll let you know when that happens.

In working through this process, I have changed the covers on all three books between CafePress and Amazon, so if you have a CafePress version (there aren’t many out in the world), it will become rare – but only if book sales pick up on Amazon. If the Amazon versions don’t sell well, then those will be the rare ones. (There’s always a bright side, isn’t there?)

As always, you can read the Keeping Edition online (click on the book cover in the side bar).

I’ll update my website shortly in order to remove the CafePress link, so please bear with me if you trot over there and find it broken.