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A month or so ago we were visiting Erik’s sister’s house. While there, I noticed a large container of round dog treats that looked to be the perfect size for training. I asked my brother-in-law where they came from … Mill’s Fleet Farm. It’s a store that has the best of everything practical and for a pretty good price.

Erik and I stopped by Mill’s on our way home, looking for said treats. They were obviously a popular item because we were greeted with empty space on the shelves where these treats were supposed to be. There was an alternative, however, so we picked it up:

People Pleasers dog treats, May 2011

People Pleasers dog treats, May 2011

Mostly I was looking at the size of the treats, trying to find some that were small enough that I wouldn’t be over-stuffing the dog during training. The longer we’ve had these around, the more I notice the weirdness of the marketing. These treats are people-shaped, which means we’re being encouraged to feed people to our dog. (Apparently, people taste like chicken, just like every other unusual animal out there. See the “Made With Real Chicken!” label?)

These aren’t just any people, either. According to the label, People Pleasers come in “Four Unique and Crunchy Shapes Featuring ‘Greg’ the Garbage Man, ‘Andy’ with Animal Control, Bank Robber ‘Ben’ and ‘Parker’ the Pizza Boy!” Aside from this being utterly cliché, it’s not particularly funny. My husband has worked as both a garbage man and pizza boy and has been bitten by a dog during work. While at the garbage hauling job, he had to go to great lengths to distract certain dogs from attacking him, usually by tossing treats for them. I’m pretty sure he didn’t distract them with a ‘Greg the Garbage Man’ treat being as how he was already serving in that capacity.

Honestly, this attempt at marketing dog treats falls flat with me. Next time I hope Mill’s has the round treats I originally wanted. I’d also accept squirrel-shaped treats. 🙂