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I’m not sure who worked this out initially and I don’t know why it really matters, but with a (sort of) new puppy in the house, I’m always curious as to what his age is in comparison to human years. Thankfully, the interwebs have calculators for these sorts of things.

Dog Years Calculator

Aleksandr is a year old now, but if he were a human being, he’d be ten-and-a-half. That means he’ll be entering his teen years as we go into his second year of life.

Naturally, after wondering about dog years, I decided to check on the cat-to-human years conversion for our three felines.

Cats Age Conversion Chart

Rosalyn (a.k.a. Roz or Old Lady) is 17 years old. In human years, she’s 84.

Stinky (yes, it’s a beautiful name) is 12 years old. In human years, she’s 64.

Inky (a.k.a. Rotten Spotty) is 10 years old. (We can easily remember his age because we got him after Hubby and I returned from visiting my Grandpa Jens after the Siren tornado. For the ages of the other two, we have to rely on Daughter, who has the memory of an elephant.) In human years, he is 56.

All of our cats are geriatric, even though neither Stinky or Inky show it. Even Roz is in pretty good shape for her years. And we have the audacity to bring that whipper-snapper of a pup into their midst. What were we thinking? (Although, maybe our pupito’s youthful energy will help to keep them young.)