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A couple of weeks ago, while I was occupied with training at Springboard for the Arts, Erik paid a visit to a Borders bookstore.  He had a fabulous customer service experience and decided to contact Borders to let someone know how much he appreciated the service. Here’s what he wrote:

On Sunday, May 1st, I stopped at Borders Books in Roseville, MN, just as they were opening. As I entered a young lady asked if I needed any help. I replied that I was just wasting time, unless the store happened to have some books on home brewing. She told me they were up the escalator and in the cooking and spirits section. I followed her directions and, as I stepped off the escalator, I was greeted by another salesperson who asked if I was the gentleman who was looking for home brew books. She took me directly to the shelf I needed. The employee downstairs notified the one upstairs that I was coming and told her what I was looking for. THAT is what I call customer service!   Though I did not purchase anything that day, with service like that I am much more inclined to in the future.

We like to make comments to the upper echelons of stores when we notice really great service because employees don’t often hear about the good things they do and how much their positive actions are appreciated.

Erik received an email reply back. Read it and weep … with laughter. That’s what Erik did when he got it.

Dear Erik,

Thank you for contacting Borders.

As I understand your concern, you had a good experience at one of our stores.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

Feedback from valued customers is essential to our stores.  I will be forwarding your comments to the store’s General Manager and the District Marketing Manager for the area so that the staff can be commended for doing such a great job.  Thank you for taking the time to let us know.

If you have any other questions or comments, please let us know.


Borders Customer Care

We might assume that this was merely a form letter filled in by an employee (and likely it was) without any thought to the content of Erik’s letter, except that after apologizing for the inconvenience of his good experience, the customer service rep, who’s name has been removed to protect the innocent (and hilarious!), followed by saying s/he would contact the store so the staff could be commended.

Do you think the customer service rep thought about how this email might be released into the wilds of viral marketing?