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When a Minnesotan doesn’t know what to talk about, she talks about the weather. It’s muggy here in Central Minnesota. Storms swirled all around us last night and we were in a tornado watch, but we didn’t even get rain. Now were on a second day of mugginess with glowering gray clouds, but still no rain. It’s got the Warner family slightly on edge, a dull, cranky edge.

I talked to Eldest Son tonight. He has only one final left before college is done for the summer. I can’t wait until he’s home and he can’t wait to be home. Daughter has already finished the college year. She’s off visiting a friend for a couple of days. (Hard to keep her at home.) Young Son was engaged in a Day of Caring at his school today, wherein students did yard cleanup for seniors and nonprofits around the community.

This evening I’ve been investigating themes on WordPress. A theme is basically a costume for a blog, giving it a certain style. WordPress has a number of lovely themes and when I get bored with my blog, I like to “try on” different themes to see how it will look. I’ve only used two themes in the life of my blog, Tarski and MistyLook (using that now), but I’m feeling tempted to switch to another, more dramatic, theme. Or, maybe I should start a new blog. I have an idea for one that I would run in addition to Woo Woo Teacup, but I’d set an end date or goal for a specific number of posts for that one. It’d be a project blog. Hmm. Still musing on it. Not sure I have time for another blog. But, oh!, how the themes call to me like a Siren’s song!

Tomorrow is my last session of a three-session bookbinding class. Binding a book was one of my creative goals for the year and now that I’ve tried it, I want to do more. The act of constructing a book gives me ideas for content. Nothing firm, mind you, but there’s inspiration in folding paper for pages, choosing paper for the outside and inside covers (the inside needs to be a surprise), and in gluing and sewing everything together. While my sewing skills are good, my gluing skills need practice, particularly in not getting glue where I don’t want it.

Once I’ve made my third book, I’ll post pictures so you can see what I’ve been up to. For now, it’s time to vegetate. That’s about all my mind can handle tonight with the mugginess.