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Hubby took me for a drive this weekend to see an abundance of whitetail deer he had been noticing in a certain area of Central Minnesota. Other than black bears, cougars, and wolves, all of whom keep themselves hidden most of the time, whitetail deer are our region’s big animals and we see them frequently. We may not live on the Serengeti, but our wildlife is just as fascinating to us and we’re always on the lookout for it.

What was unusual about the weekend’s Central Minnesota Safari was the amount of wildlife we saw. We spotted trumpeter swans, a kestrel, a bald eagle, several sandhill cranes, two flocks of wild turkeys, and a large flock of Canadian geese on Saturday evening. But the deer … oh, dear! We must have seen upwards of 100 whitetail deer within a mile-and-a-half of old cornfield. It was amazing. Never have we seen so many in one place before.

The following evening we returned just to see if there were still that many deer. We counted at least 76, plus we saw the geese and turkeys again.

During our sojourns, we found other people driving slowly through the same area, doing exactly what we were doing … marveling at our wildlife.

Do you watch your native wildlife? If so, what do you commonly see? What don’t you see as often?