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Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been noticing that I’m grumpier than usual and I’m blaming it on this interminable winter. It literally has snowed every two to four days all winter long, which means a ton of shoveling. When it’s not snowing, we’ve had to deal with achingly cold days that include a nasty wind, like today. It’s March 1st, for cryin’ out loud! Can’t winter be over now?

I felt my wish-it-were-the-end-of-winter grumpiness most keenly this afternoon, when I took Doggle Woggle for a walk. In the wind. Did I tell you that Doggle Woggle was a barometric pressure machine? Every time there’s a shift in the pressure, particularly when it is accompanied by wind, he is crazy dog. He was crazy last night; he was crazy on his afternoon walk today.

When I arrived home with Doggle Woggle, I had a sudden thought. What if it was winter forever? Why, I think I’d lose my mind!

And then I thought about it seriously. What if I had to put up with winter forever? Surely, those who live at the poles can manage this. How would I?

I’d beef up my winter wardrobe, for one. I’d make several new pairs of my Polar Fleece coveralls so I could have them in different patterns and colors. I’d get a couple more jackets, several hats (with ear flaps, please), a few scarves, pairs of mittens, long underwear, and boots in varied heights. If I’d have to put up with winter forever, I might as well look good and stay warm doing it. Of course, if winter was forever, I’d probably become accustomed to the cold and wouldn’t find the extra clothing necessary.

I’d have to stock up on lotion (I practically bathe in it during the dry months) and lip balm. And sidewalk salt. And an ice chipper. And soup. All the things we think of as seasonal would become regular household items.

And, I’d need more naps. Winter is about hibernation, right? I might be less grumpy if I had more naps during these long, cold, endless winter days.

What about you? What would you do if winter was forever?